Healthy landscapes are the foundation for our societies. They provide food, water, clean air, stable climate, shelter, energy, livelihoods, life and meaning. Unfortunately, landscapes across the globe are degrading at a rapid rate.

We believe that landscape restoration offers tremendous untapped opportunities for sustainable economic development. Globally, about 2 billion hectares can be restored.

It is necessary. It is possible. We want to contribute to it.

And we know that in order to successfully do so, we need to combine forces and connect ecology and economy.

That’s why we have taken the initiative for this learning platform: to enable a global community of academics, practitioners, policy makers, environmental and business professionals to meet each other and to share and exchange their knowledge, expertise and first-hand experiences with landscape restoration.

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Landscape stories


Where tradition and traceable products meet

Nomadic herding husbandry has been the economic backbone of Mongolia for centuries, but is now contributing to severe landscape degradation across the Mongolian plateau due to recent increase in the number of livestock and unsustainable grazing practices.

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4 Returns Community Events

As a growing 4 returns community we organize regular online and offline get togethers, webinars, expert practitioner meetings and more. Check out what we have planned over the coming 6 months. You are most welcome to join.

GLF digital summits

We’re organizing 1-hour, online webinars called ‘GLF digital summits’ in collaboration with ENABLE and the Global Landscape Forum. The following topics are planned for from now – October:

October 3rd | 11 AM Central EU time – ‘Collaboration from river to coast’ – Participatory modeling to identify challenges, opportunities and synergies for restoration of coastal and rural
October 8th | 11 AM Central EU time – ‘Participatory monitoring of regenerative agriculture and agro-ecosystems’
‘Bottom-up approaches to recover from forest fires’ (mid-late October)