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This platform is an online space for a growing community of people involved in large scale landscape restoration based on the holistic 4 returns approach. The 4 returns approach has been developed by Commonland and emphasises that healthy landscapes deliver multiple returns on investment: return of inspiration and returns of natural, social and financial capital.

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Landscape stories

Inspiring examples and stories from all over the world. You can even add your own.

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A library full of helpful documents, video’s and links.

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See who is working on landscape restoration. Add your own organisation!

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Membership gives you a lot of benefits

This 4returns platform for learning and exchange has been initiated by the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education (ENABLE) with the goal to accellerate the growth of knowledge worldwide. Not only by sharing stories, tools and organisations, but also by creating a community of active members. Everyone can make a profile. It is easy and  has lots of benefits.

  • You can plot yourself on the regeneration world map on this site (only if you like)
  • You can personalize the knowledge so it fits your interests
  • You can add your own story, organisation or toolbox item to this site
  • You meet other members and profit from their knowledge.
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The team

Simon Moolenaar

Simon Moolenaar

Head Science & Education at Commonland and Project manager of the platform

Willemijn de Iongh

Willemijn de Iongh

I am inspired by people coming together in unimaginable new ways to help regenerate ourselves and our environment. You can ask me anything about community building and using graphic facilitation to support a co-creation process.

Marieke Karssen

Marieke Karssen

Responsible for the dataconcept and project manager for the technical realisation of the platform

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The mission of ENABLE

Developing landscape-scale resilience to address the combined crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and soil and water degradation is a major societal challenge. To scale up landscape restoration we need to involve the private sector and engage the business community in catalyzing sustainable land use and management.  To do so, we need to find ways to restore and sustainably manage landscapes while simultaneously returning economic and societal benefits. This requires transdisciplinary cooperation among different specialists and stakeholders. Currently there are wide gaps between economy and ecology, business and environment, which hinder large-scale landscape restoration built on sustainable business models. Bridging these gaps requires students and professionals with diverse backgrounds to be equipped with new knowledge and skills. To develop such tailor-made education, the ENABLE consortium has developed a portfolio of case-teaching materials and two massive open online courses (MOOCs)on how restoration of degraded landscapes can provide a return of inspiration and of financial-, natural- and social capital.

We have kick-started this platform to help build and energize a 4 returns community that together can accelerate landscape restoration based on sustainable business models.

European Union

ENABLE is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under agreement number-2016-1-NL01-KA203-023013.