Thomas Lovett

Thomas Lovett

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What can I do with my profile?2019-07-05T11:46:15+00:00

When you are logged in, the right hand side of the top menu shows a button named MY PROFILE. When you click on it you go to your profile.

Your profile has orange tabs and below that subtabs.

In the first tab Profile and its subtabs View, Edit and Change Profile photo, you can change everything that people can see about you. For almost every field you can decide whether it is visible for you alone, for members only or for everyone.

explantion of profile

The second tab, Location, holds your address. This places your profile on the All Profiles global map. If you do not enter an address here, you will not show up on the map.

location tab profile

The 3rd  tab ‘Notifications’ just gives you a list of notifications on all actions that have happened with your profile.

The  4th tab  ‘Messages’ allows you to chat directly with other members on the platform in case you would like to connect. You can start a chat by clicking “+” and filling in the name of another members and go from there. This works much the same way as messaging on Linkedin does.

Tip: Another way to start the messaging process is to find the member on the All members page. Find their profile on the map or in the list, click on it and hit the message button.

The 4th tab ‘Groups’ allows you to create your own groups of members to discuss and share things that are particularly relevant to that group or to join an existing group.

In ‘Settings’ you can update your email and password preferences as well as your profile visibility and personal platform and privacy settings.

And FAQ hopefully answers the Frequently Asked Questions.

What are Knowledge Fields and how do they work?2019-07-05T11:55:43+00:00

Knowledge fields represent the full swing of elements that together make up the 4 returns approach to ecosystem recovery. When making a profile we’d like you to choose at least one as your ‘knowledge field’. This way, other members can easily connect with you on your expertise and you can find content that is right for you in an easier manner.

All content on this platform is curated the same way: the tools in the toolbox, the stories in our stories section and organisations in our network all connect to one or more knowledge fields.

When you look at a tool or story for example, you see which knowledge fields apply to that story or tool.

knowledge fields in stories

When you click on one of the Knowledge Fields you get access to all content on the site tagged with this term. These can be stories, tools and organisations.

knowledge fields page


Attached to your profile you can also find a list of stories, tools and organisations that match your knowledge fields on the MY INTERESTS page.

my interests page

You can edit your Knowledge fields in the BASE tab of your EDIT profile screen. (see the FAQ on your profile for more information on editing your profile)


edit profile

edit knowledge fields

You can add and delete terms to create a mix that fits your needs.



How do Favorites work and what can I do with it?2019-07-05T11:51:21+00:00

All content in the site that is a story, an organisation or a toolbox item can be added to your personal list of favorites. This works like a personal bookmark within this platform. You find the little green button everywhere and when you use it we first ask whether you agree to the cookie it sets.

adding a favourite


When you have added a favorite, the green button changes from FAVORITE to FAVORITED


In MY PROFILE you find a page called interests and there you find all your favorites.

my interests page

Below the favorites you see the content that pops up based on your Knowledge Fields. Read more about knowledge fields, another way of personalizing content.


What are tools and how can I add one?2019-07-03T08:52:21+00:00

A tool is a document, a video or a link about a subject relevant to the 4 returns concept. We, the team behind the 4 returns platform decide whether a tool is relevant and which Knowledge Fields apply to it.

You can search for tools through the filter of the Knowledge Fields but also by just free surfing or a search.

toolbox page


Everyone with a profile is free to add his or her own document, link or video for us to consider on this platform.

Just click on the ADD YOUR ITEM button in the menu. Note that this only appears when you are logged in. This way we we will know it is you that submits it. If we have questions we will get in touch with you. When we place your tool in the site we will let you know.


How to make a profile?2019-07-03T08:36:20+00:00

Go to the LOGIN/REGISTER button at the top hand part of the site, or click on the JOIN US button on the homepage slider

screenshot of homepage

On the login/registration page, choose the button REGISTER

screenshot registration page

On the Registration page a minimum amount  of fields are red (obligatory), but most are green (voluntary). Later, when you are registered, you can change all aspects of this profile, both in content and in how visible your input is to both members and non-members or the outside world. In the default setting only name and function are visible for everyone and everything else is visible for members only. And, that only members that are associated with organisations (network) or stories are visible and can be found by the outside world (google). They can play consciously with the visibility of their info to a larger audience. We explain how in What can I do with my Profile.

registration form

The field I am interested in shows a set knowledge fields. Just pick one and play with it later. A choice that matches your interests will help you to find relevant information quicker. See for more information  What are Knowledge Fields and how do they work?

explanation of knowledge fields

After hitting the registration button you will get a thank you page that tells you to go to your mailbox.


Here you have to pay a bit of attention because we see that people often forget about this part. Another reason why registrations go wrong here is that this mail does not arrive in your mailbox but in your spambox. Please check it if you do not receive a mail.

In order to have a proper/full/real account, you must take action on the mail. You have to activate your account. This way we make sure robots and trolls do not enter our platform. Fortunately it is not much work.

So, click on the activation code link in the mail you get. if this code does not show up, paste the code manually.

activation page

Hit the ACTIVATE button and your screen should change into this


And then you can LOG IN. You are back where you started, but now you can choose the left part of the page with your chosen username and password.