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Múla – Ecosystems by design


Ecological Design & Project Management


Weruschca Kirkegaard



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Site analysis-driven regenerative and ecological restoration planning and design services.

My background in interior design and large-scale restorations for both residential and commercial properties, years of (self-) marketing, and running a restaurant in the centre of Amsterdam, enables me to bring a multi-disciplinary view and experience to the table. On strategy, design process and project management. On different scales and connecting the relationship between them, always in collaboration!

Being well travelled, having lived in several countries and speaking 5 languages fluently I can be considered very culturally adaptive. I am a member of United designers and a proud ambassador to the Ecosystem Restoration Camps, affiliated with The Plant and with The World permaculture association, PRI-certified, providing both consultation, design and assessment services. Combining ecosystem design with aesthetics, form and health, from (homestead) gardens (residential), parks (urban greenery), to food forests, with nature-based solutions;

The functions of such systems can vary. The most important functions are building soil, food supply, clean water, increase biodiversity, creating a protective and beautiful environment, producing building materials and breaking down certain waste materials. They can also offer protection against extreme weather conditions in our changing climate. You literally design the nature around you and restore neglected and often desertified ecosystems to recover with the knowledge from nature. I am committed to moving regenerative solutions forward.

And the solutions are there, it’s simply a matter of showing what is possible. Working with you towards a resilient and abundant future.




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