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Principles of Sustainable Finance

4 weeks, in total 17 hours to complete

doing business, finding funds, governance and stewardship, restoring nature

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Communicating the Value of Biodiversity

5 lessons, 30-45 minutes/lesson

inspiring community

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Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food

17 short videos of 10-15 min.

doing business, regenerating farms

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Ecosystem Restoration Design

6 months, 5-10 hours per week

restoring nature

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Luisterprogramma: jouw missie voor ondernemend buitenleven (dutch podcasts)

3 walks: 30 min - 1h, doing homework: 3 times 1-3 hrs

inspiring community, mobilising people, partnering

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Leergang: nieuw idee op mijn erf (dutch)

3 days or 5 evenings together, in between work on your own plan

doing business, inspiring community, regenerating farms, restoring nature

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