Living soils are full of intelligence, with the capacity to self-heal when given the chance. But how can we purposely activate that intelligence?

People across the world at the cutting edge of regenerative agriculture are discovering many different ways to bring damaged soils back to life. Sometimes these approaches seem to contradict one another – some recommend compost, others work instead with bio-stimulants, some introduce grazing animals, some simply grow cover crops, while others get into mineral balancing, biochar, and so on…Yet despite all the differences, they all have, in some cases, produced regenerative outcomes. On the other hand, sometimes the same practice repeated in a new place does not seem to work at all. How can this be?

Join us for an inquiry together into the underlying patterns of living systems. We will go on a hunt for a “decoder ring” of regenerative practices that reveals how the experiences seen in the field are supported by newly emerging science. Every day we are learning more about the complexities of the relationships above and below ground that govern the living world. We’ll also explore how to apply these insights into our own unique contexts, so that you can develop an action plan to heal land you care for.

We’ll start with the basics, but quickly get into more advanced topics and questions. Although there will be some technical topics, a background in soils or science is not required.

There will also be an opportunity following the course to participate in an ongoing group for support with your personal efforts to restore soil health.


Course Fee: $375

Financial Assistance: Some financial aid is available. Our intention is to share this knowledge with all those who are committed to taking action to apply it, regardless of ability to pay. If you need assistance, please write Gillian Julius at and let her know your circumstances and what you can afford to pay.

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