How does Covid-19 affect your landscape restoration work and the larger movement?

It is now 6 weeks ago that the WHO proclaimed Covid-19 to be a pandemic. In the meantime, probably everyone in our 4 returns community has been affected by the virus and/or the associated crisis to some degree. This made me wonder about two things.

First of all: How is everyone doing? How has Covid-19 affected your own life, and possibly your landscape restoration initiative/work? Did any activities get cancelled, what is are the financial implications for your project and what is going on in the landscape’s social community?

Secondly: how do you think that this crisis will affect our work on building thriving communities and landscapes around the world? Do you think the damage will be long-lasting? Or might the crisis become a lever for fundamental change, for example to start building a “Spaceman Economy”as proposed by Thomas Lovett in this article?

I’m interested in hearing your experiences (please mention where you’re from). Any thoughts are welcome!

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One reply on "How does Covid-19 affect your landscape restoration work and the larger movement?"

  1. Covid is bad, I can relate to it from personal experience, so I do not take the disease lightly. But I also see that in the big scheme of issues waiting for us it actually is a kind warning. And, it is also kind in the way it teaches us to live smaller: to travel less, to learn what really matters, to start to live and eat more local etc. So yes, let’s create an economy not based on financial dominance but on planetary systems and natural boundaries and let’s learn to take a much more modest place in that.

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