The purpose of the “1st Annual Symposium for Sustainable Agriculture” in the San Joaquin Valley is to introduce new technologies to the grower community by speakers from universities, research organizations, local growers and the agricultural input industry.

The focus will be on soil biology, plant nutrition, soil amendments, biostimulants and application strategies, and their role in sustainable agriculture.

Keynote speaker will be:

Dr. Elaine Ingham, President, Soil Food Web, Inc.

Elaine is a microbiologist and soil biology researcher. Elaine will be discussing the importance of soil biology for a strong foundation to a living soil. Elaine is the author of USDA’s “Soil Biology Primer” and has also authored many books and publications, and is a world-renowned speaker on soil microbiology.

Other speakers will include:

1. Dr. Surendra Dara, Entomology and Biologicals Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension.

Topic: A new Integrated Pest Management Paradigm that combines organic farming practices with sustainable farming practices.
Dr. Dara will also discuss Biostimulants, bio fungicides, biopesticides, and their potential in modern crop production.

2. Mark Turner, The Catalyst Products Group

Topic: The potential of humic, fulvic and humin in modern crop production.

3. Dr. Ashraf El-keremy, Extension Specialist, University of California, Riverside, Dept. of Botany and Plant Service

Topic: The potential of seaweed and its plant growth regulator properties due to the cytokinins that exist in its makeup. It’s mode of action and how to use it during the different stages of plant physiology. How to improve table grape quality with the use of seaweed.

4. Deacon Jones, President, Andaman Ag

Topic: “For nature to remain stable, it must constantly change.” Our world is changing. Our world has always been changing. Today, we’re witnessing changes in technology, weather, farming practices, and countless other areas. Nature is always changing and adapting. It is time to “rethink” our approach to farming, including how to include biological products to maximize their impact and how we treat our perennial crops during the dormant period and how to incorporate bacterial and fungal inoculants.

5. Tom Avenalis, Founder of the marketing company, “HomeGrown Organics” and Owner of Agricare Farm Management

Tom will discuss how to be successful as an organic grower and marketer.

Cost Details

  • Pre-Registration – $25.00 (Sales end on Jan 31, 2020)
  • At the door Registration – $35.00 (Sales end on Jan 31, 2020)



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