The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is pleased to announce its regional conference in Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held in Mexico City, from November 25 to 27, 2020, under the theme “Transcending the study of Ecosystem Services towards Transdiscipline and Incidence” This conference calls on scientists, professionals, local stakeholders, NGOs, civil society and decision-makers in the region to share existing knowledge about ecosystem services, as well as transdisciplinary tools and experiences that can effectively influence sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Due to their cultural and biological diversity, Latin America and the Caribbean occupy a prominent place in the provision of global ecosystem services. However, unsustainable patterns of exploitation, extraction and management of natural resources have been the common ground for centuries, leading to an increasingly severe degradation of ecosystems and the benefits they provide to society. At the same time, there are relevant examples of protection, conservation and ecosystem improvement, vital to the construction of social-ecological resilience. Many of these efforts come from rural and indigenous communities that implement collective action practices aimed at protecting and caring for their ecosystems and territories.

However, weak environmental governance, erosion of local knowledge, high poverty rates, inequality in access to natural resources and lack of social-ecological justice leads to aggravation of conflicts in the region. In this context, it becomes urgent to combine the efforts of the academic, political and civil society spheres that make it possible to make visible the plurality of values, uses and perceptions about the nature and the services that it provides, to evaluate their current status and the need to its inclusion in decision-making processes in order to contribute to sustainable, fair, inclusive and legitimate governance. Therefore, the ESP-LAC-2020 conference adopts the theme related to the study of ecosystem services from a transdisciplinary perspective that allows us to face the complexity of socio-environmental problems in the region and project the impact on social life and formulation, design and implementation of sustainable territorial planning practices and instruments.

Official Language: Spanish, but it will also be possible to receive works in English and Portuguese.

Important dates

  • February 17 – First announcement and call for sessions.
  • April 27 – Closing of receipt of proposals for sessions.
  • May 11 – Publication of accepted sessions.
  • May 1 – Call for individual abstracts for oral presentations and posters.
  • June 29 – Closing of abstracts reception.
  • July 24 – Communication of accepted oral presentation and posters
  • July 1 – August 31 – Early bird registration.
  • September 1 – November 1 – Normal Registration.
  • November 5 – Publication of the preliminary program.
  • November 25 – 27 – ESP-LAC-2020

Keynotes speakers

During the ESP-LAC-2020 conference we will have the keynote speakers who will talk about different issues related to Ecosystem Services in the Latin American and world context from different perspectives of analytical and methodological approach, considering the theme of the conference on “Transcending the study of Ecosystem Services towards Transdiscipline and Incidence ”.

Keynotes speakers discussion panels:

  1. Transdiscipline for the study of ecosystem services from different angles and tools: Juliana Merçón (Universidad Veracruzana, México) and Víctor Marín, Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile).
  2. Co-production of ecosystem services from the conceptual and complex socio-ecological systems: Unai Pascual (Basque Center for Climate Change, Spain) and Leticia Merino (IIS-UNAM, Mexico).
  3. Ecosystem services from the vision of the IPBES platform and transition of the concept towards contributions of nature to the people: Roldan Muradian (Federal University Fluminense, Brazil) and Patricia Balvanera (IIES-UNAM, Mexico).

Thematic sessions proposals

The thematic of sessions of ESP-LAC-2020 are defined in relation to ESP working groups (including two proposed by organize committee):

1) Thematic working groups
2) Biomas working groups
3) Sectoral Working Groups


If you are interested to receive more information about the Conference, please let as know in the link

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