Nicole Masters, world renowned agricultural ecologist, systems thinker and author, will be in Tasmania to hold a 2 day workshop at the Raymond Ferrall Centre, University of Tasmania, Launceston.

Nicole has a formal background in ecology, soil science and organisational learning. Nicole is recognised as a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker on the topic of soil health, and has been providing agricultural consulting and extension services since 2003.

Nicole believes everything comes back to soil. She brings scientific understanding and measurement together, and balances them with intuitive, anecdotal and practical on the ground experience.

With her team of soil coaches at Integrity Soils, Nicole works alongside producers in the US, Canada and Australasia to increase quality food production, biological economies, profitability and deepen the understanding of regenerative agriculture.

The workshop content will include:

  • Build resilient, profitable and healthy farming operations
  • Minerals, microbes and management. Understand more deeply the need for diverse microbial soil systems and their role in healthy production
  • Water, nutrient and carbon cycles
  • Teaming with microbes – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes,
  • Biological inputs – closing the input loop
  • Reducing input costs while maximising returns and increasing sustainability
  • Case studies
  • Transitioning to low input regenerative systems
  • Reducing the impact of extreme weather events
  • Where to start, what actions can be taken right now?

The Tasmanian launch of Nicole’s new book “For The Love of Soil – Strategies to Regenerate Our Food Production Systems” will be on the evening of the first day.



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