Peter Barrett of Linnburn Station and Jono Frew of Natural Performance are in Dargaville to talk about the Why and How of Regenerative Agriculture.

With remarkable success, Peter has applied the principles of "Regenerative Farming" for the last six years to his 9,300-hectare station and he and college, Jono Frew, are considered the 'go-to' guys for advice and information on how to adopt and apply these principles to existing farms.

Farmers of all kinds, horticulture, dairy, sheep, cattle, etc. are a little nervous. The unknowns of climate change are a threat to all kinds of farming. Ironically, they are one of climate change's most significant victims.

Regenerative farming will go a long way towards solving this problem. Farmers are intrigued and need knowledge regarding the transition to this style of operation and will be grateful to all involved in bringing about its inevitable existence in New Zealand.

The seminar will cover the how and why regenerative farming is the way of the future. It will give farmers the confidence to make that change.

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