Deepen your understanding of how soils work! Explore ways to regenerate and manage your soil for health and fertility!

Are you looking to build your confidence in managing your soils, improve soil health on your place, learn to make effective soil decisions or implement regenerative cropping or grazing? This 2 Day Essentials Bootcamp will get you started!

Join us on farm at Bibbaringa, an amazing regenerative farm near Albury NSW, for this intensive, hands on Bootcamp as we explore the essentials of soils, soil health and soil fertility in the paddock! This Course will deepen your understanding of how soils work and build your confidence to manage your own soils well.

Course Content

Day 1

  • A day in the life of a soil. Get to know how soils work!
  • Exploring Soil Types: one size doesn’t fit all
  • Soil Texture: sand, silt and clay!
  • Soil Colloids: understanding the CEC
  • Soil Fertility – 1: where do soil nutrients come from?
  • Soil Biology: the community of life in your soil

Day 2

  • Soil Health: what is it and why is it important
  • The Soil Health Checklist: assessing soil health in the paddock and with a soil test
  • Soil Organic Matter: the heart of a healthy soil
  • Soil Structure and Water: optimising your soil’s water cycle
  • Soil Health: balancing the cations
  • Soil Fertility – 2: how nutrients cycle
  • 4 Steps to Soil SuccessPrinciples of Regenerative Soil Management

This course is hands on. You will need to bring a cube of soil from your place to get the most from the course. Bring more than one if you want. If you have a soil test then bring it along too. We will get our hands dirty!

Presenter: David Hardwick

David is a professional agroecologist. He has been doing soil and regenerative agriculture extension and consulting all over Australia fornearly 20 years. He completed a degree in Ecological Agriculture at the University of Sydney with focus on regenerative and organic farming systems, land management and rural change. David has worked in the conventional, organic and regenerative sectors and across grazing, horticulture, dairying and cropping systems. For the last 10 years he has been teaching farmers and graziers about soils using fun and practical activities as part of his highly successful Digging Deeper Soils Courses.

Venue & Catering:

The course will be hosted by Gill Sanbrook on Bibbaringa, an amazing farm and education facility 30 minutes from Albury, NSW. Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Teas are included in the Course fee.


Places in this Bootcamp are limited to 30. A minimum of 10 people are required for the event to go ahead. In the event that the course does not go ahead due to minimum numbers not being reached, or due to COVID19; 7 days before the course commences a full refund will be given.


A number of accommodation options are available including through Bibbaringa, down the road at the Great Aussie Caravan Park and in Albury.



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