The purpose of the Farmland Program is to raise a scholarship fund to support training farmers and ranchers in the field of regenerative agriculture. Each farmer is unique and is stepping into the field from their own context, and we are committed to finding the appropriate program for each situation. We have partnered with the following educators because of the content covered, their approach to education, and their work in the field. SAVORY HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT Savory’s technology platform has been developed to provide online support and training for farmers and land managers. This platform provides specific tools that enhance your understanding of Holistic Management as well as assisting in the implementation. Our focus areas are online education, and collaboration. ( SOIL HEALTH ACADEMY Earth’s soil is the ground of our being. Our Mission is to regenerate this vibrant, living ecosystem, bringing its restorative properties to our health, our community, and our planet. We teach ecological principles and biomimicry - emulating nature’s time-tested design - to help others bring the soil’s blessing to the dinner table. ( REGRARIANS PLATFORM® This 10 layer platform covers the broad topics that Regrarians® Ltd. addresses as part of its global strategy, training, consultancies, designs and publications. The Regrarians Platform was created to determine the priority of different elements of agricultural landscape development, their respective permanence and the order in which we design and plan production landscapes and their associated enterprises. (


The Kiss the Ground Farmland Program supports our participants through a few different mediums. Foremost our scholarship recipients receive free tuition to the educational course that best fits their needs. After the course’s completion, we offer free soil testing within the first year and again two years after the initial soil test (see the Selected Testing Protocols on our website for further information). Finally, we provide up to 12 hours of consulting time with a soil health trainer to assist in the implementation of new regenerative practices.


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