Baupal Park Farm hosts its Natural Farming Workshops in April and October. The farm is Organic in Conversion and utilizes the cultivation of microbial activity and bacteria washes to improve soil integrity for better crop yields. The workshop is from 8:00 – 12:30 pm and includes a morning tea, literature on Natural Farming and a walk talk tour around the farm.

About KNF

Baupal Park Farm’s main point of difference is the type of farming practice it utilises – Korean Natural Farming (KNF). Developed in Korea over 500 years ago, Korean Natural Farming is the cultivation of living soil biology (indigenous micro organisms) and bacteria to enhance soil fertility and cation exchange capacity.

It’s a soil regenerative process in order to stop erosion, leaching of nutrients and chemicals, and the use of industrial chemicals; it is an organic process of farming. Baupal Park will take between 3-5 years to become totally organic, and the certification for that process has already begun.

About the Speaker

Baupal Park Farm’s new owner, Kate Rose, (formerly a British and ADF Army Officer), is well aware of the long-term plan to achieve this standard, but knows it will be totally worthwhile. Not only will the soil be repaired, but the trees will recover, and the yields will increase and this has already started to occur.

Kate has also started a program of soil conditioning with bacterial washes. These are brewed onsite and added to a fertigation system which is pumped out across the orchards. They are used to feed the protozoa in the soil (Amoebae, Ciliates and Nematodes), which in turn synthesize (digest) the bacteria into naturally occurring nutrients for the trees to be absorbed with the help of ecto and endomycorrhizal fungi. This cycle occurs naturally, but when there was a heavy historical usage of Roundup, this cycle was seriously damaged. So, it needed to be kick started with microbes for the Organic Certification to commence. Here lies the heart of the Korean Natural Farming, movement.

Since the inception of this farming practice Kate has held Korean Natural Farming conferences on the farm, as well as travelled to Hawaii to certify in KNF Level 2 of the farming practice. Her conferences are held twice a year and aim to teach the everyday gardener/farmer how to improve their soil through a simple program of nutrition and healing.

About Baupal Park Farm

Baupal Park Farm is a farm located at Chatsworth growing Macadamia nuts using natural farming practices. We offer an expanding range of macadamia products as well as natural farming workshops. We pride ourselves on our natural farming practice which is completely organic and the backbone to how permaculture works.



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