The Organic Fertilizer Association of California (OFAC) represents the interests of organic fertilizer producers, distributors and retailers that provide organic fertilizer to the agriculture and horticulture industries. OFAC is dedicated to increasing public knowledge of biological and organic cultural systems. The association was formed in 2007 and is guided by an elected board of directors representing the California organic fertilizer industry.

OFAC members provide fertilizer products that meet the USDA National Organic Program’s (NOP) standards and many members also provide guidance to growers on how to improve soil health and fertility through organic farming methods.

Educational Seminars

Each year OFAC coordinates a series of educational workshops for growers and professionals. We work with local Farm Advisors, Extension Agents and Ag Commissioners to bring you the most current research and information. Our events feature CE credits as well to make the event even more valuable for your farm or business.

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Over 987 members are now active on, connecting, sharing their field experiences, and creating new opportunities and initiatives together.

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