Our Soil. Our Land. Our Future. How ranchers are restoring our soil and protecting the land while providing healthy food

Keynote Presentation:

Kat Taylor, Founder of TomKat Ranch

  • TomKat Ranch is an 1,800 acre grassfed cattle ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its team of ranchers, scientists, and advocates look to nature to guide landscape management in support of its values. Over the next five years, TomKat Ranch want to have inspired the transition of one million acres of California rangeland to regenerative management.


Marie-Jacques Bonney, Founder of Honey Blossom Retreat Garden

  • Regenerative Land Management
  • Collaborative Farming
  • Micro-enterprises

Elizabeth Porzig, Working Lands Director of Point Blue

  • Point Blue uses science and partnerships to make sure California’s agricultural lands are providing as much benefit as possible to the communities and wildlife that depend on them.
  • Point Blue scientists help to promote and measure the benefits of regenerative practices



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