The challenges to ensure food and nutrition security for all in today’s world are complex and intertwined with a broad range of political, financial, environmental, technological and social issues. To address these challenges will require radical policy changes, so as to support innovations that do not have negative externalities somewhere else on the planet.

This event will provide critical perspectives on whether advanced science and technology can tackle these challenges or whether we need simpler low-cost technologies and alternative business models that redefine our consumption patterns. We will bring together leading thinkers from academia, non-governmental agencies, government, industry, and funders to examine the varied and complex challenges and opportunities presented by the contemporary world.


Theme 1: Environment

  • Regenerative agriculture – from Food farming to Carbon farming
  • Reconciling conservation and food security - biodiverse integrated farming and land sparing/sharing debate
  • Making agriculture resource-efficient – recycling and valorizing agri waste, integrating a circular economy and bioeconomy.
Theme 2: Technology Innovation

  • Can frugal innovations democratize the future of farming and feed the world?
  • How can digital transformations balance profitability, productivity, and sustainability.
  • Can Biotech support feeding 9bn by 2050 equitably.
Theme 3: Born Global Entrepreneurship

  • How to create successful ecosystems for bringing agri innovations to market and scale.
  • Can social enterprise create inclusive markets?
  • Empowering youth and marginalized farmers through agri-entrepreneurship.
In addition to talks around the above themes, the event will also feature an entrepreneur/innovator pitch session.

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