On-farm information and demonstration day for integrating trees and pastures for long term resilience and profit. Hosted by Harnham Landcare Group, a sub-group of Southern New England Landcare Ltd and Taylors Run Farm, Kentucky.


  • Rowan Reid Australia’s #1 advocate for agroforestry, author of ‘Heartwood’ and founder of the Australian Master TreeGrower program.
  • Michael Taylor principal at Taylors Run silvopasture farm, grazier and Master Tree Grower.
  • Professor Nick Reid (Ecosystem Management, University of New England) co-author of ‘Nature and Farming: Sustaining Native Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes’ and researcher of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agriculture for two decades.
  • David Carr, specialist in ecological restoration
  • Fields Environmental Solutions, specialists in native vegetation restoration
  • Kentucky Tree Nursery, specialists in farm tree establishment and Master Tree Grower
  • Dr Rhiannon Smith, Research Fellow and Lecturer in Environmental Management at University of New England.

The event will feature the following sessions:

  • Establishment (design, species selection, seed collection, planting)
  • Ecosystem Benefits (conservation and ecosystem services)
  • Maintenance (intermediate products, thinning and pruning)
  • Production (timber, food, fibre, flowers, oils, resins)



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