Krista Scruggs and Leah Penniman share their passion and knowledge of agroforestry in this 90-minute interactive and educational webinar. 

The 3D series is a multilingual and multidimensional workshop series designed to center B.I.P.O.C. (Black, Indigenous, &/or People or Color), to deepen skills in specific farming and homesteading practices in a culturally relevant, supportive, and joyful environment.

Kristina Scruggs, farmer and wine-maker, and Leah Penniman, Black farmer, soil steward and food sovereignty activist, and Farm Manager at Soul Fire Farm will guide us through:

  • How to construct a terraced orchard of apple, peach, pear, and plum trees
  • How to integrate trees with herbs in a “jaden lakou” Haitian-style garden
  • How to care for raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries
  • How to use the understory of the forest for mushrooms, ramps, and grazing animals
  • How to grow less common perennials like elderberry, jostaberry, and honeyberry
  • How to plan a landscape that captures carbon over the long-term
  • How to integrate trees into grazing land in a silvopasture system
  • How to sustainably “wildcraft” by harvesting from the forest
  • How to create “value-add” products from your agroforestry system

Format: We will premier a 15-minute instructional video showing a hands-on, step-by-step explanation of beekeeping as part of a 90-minute interactive webinar, a virtual forum for engaged learning and with opportunities for questions and answers. 

Language: The webinar will be multilingual with simultaneous Spanish interpretation for Spanish speakers.

While the webinar is designed to be a culturally relevant and safe space that centers Black, Indigenous and People of Color (read why here), the instructional video will be released on YouTube as part of Soul Fire’s Liberation on Land video series for everyone to enjoy.


  • Krista Scruggs is the founder farmer and winemaker of ZAFA Wines, based in Burlington, Vermont. Her wild-fermented, unfined and unfiltered bottlings debuted at Brumaire March 2018 and continue to draw rave reviews. Dedicated to regenerative farming and using hybrid grapes, Krista manages and farms three vineyards in Vermont and supports organic farms throughout the state by purchasing their fruit. She’s also been known to ferment foraged apples and sometimes co-ferment them together. Krista is also the co-owner of CO Cellars, a working cellar, bar and collaborative label for ZAFA Wines + Shacksbury Cider. Krista started in the wine industry working for Constellation Brands and then ventured to work for an array of growers in Washington, Italy, Southern France, Vermont, and Texas. Since then, she has been featured on Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40 Tastemakers of 2018 List, Imbibe’s 2019 75 Issue, touted as making “the wine of the future” by VinePair and most recently listed as one of The 74 individuals featured on Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business list for 2020.
  • Leah Penniman, (Li*/Ya/She/He) has over 20 years of experience as a soil steward and food sovereignty activist, having worked at the Food Project, Farm School, Many Hands Organic Farm, Youth Grow and with farmers internationally in Ghana, Haiti, and Mexico. Li co-founded Soul Fire Farm in 2010 with the mission to reclaim our inherent right to belong to the earth and have agency in the food system as Black and Brown people. Her areas of leadership at Soul Fire include farmer training, international solidarity, perennials, writing, speaking, “making it rain,” and anything that involves heavy lifting, sweat, and soil. Li’s book “Farming While Black” is a love song for the earth and her peoples.

Soul Fire Farm is an Afro-Indigenous centered training farm committed to ending racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system. Our food sovereignty programs reach over 10,000 people each year, including farmer training for Black and Brown growers, reparations and land return initiatives for northeast farmers, food justice workshops for urban youth, home gardens for city-dwellers living under food apartheid, doorstep harvest delivery for food insecure households, and systems and policy education for public decision-makers.

Cost Details

The sliding scale is $0-100. Please think generously – what could be more important to contribute to than living food, land sovereignty, and skilled farmers spreading the love and knowledge?

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