Presentations by:

  • Jules Matthews – Integrity Soils
  • Dr. Gwen Grelet – Soil Molecular Ecologist, Landcare Research

Panel discussion and Q&A with Regenerative farmers’ building natural capital:

  • Simon Osbourne, Lance Gillespie & Dean Martin

Workshop topics:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Tools to build soil health
  • What drives plant health and performance
  • Building farm resilience; water, carbon and nutrient cycles
  • The synergies between minerals, microbes and plant/animal nutrition 

About Our Guest Speaker

Dr. Gwen Grelet is a Soil-Plant Molecular Ecologist at Manaaki-Whenua Landcare Research. She has published high impact academic publications on fungal connections between plants, fungal genomics, and ecosystem carbon-nitrogen cycling.

Her passion for the environment and people’s wellbeing has led her to embrace transdisciplinary and complex systems research approaches, creating bridges between different knowledge systems at different scales and scopes of investigation. She is leading research projects on regenerative agriculture in New Zealand, Australia and the US in close collaboration with the regenerative farming communities of New Zealand and overseas.

She will present highlights on the latest scientific understanding of the role of diversity in ecosystem performance, and take you through a tour of some of the most creative regenerative practitioners that she recently visited in the US. She will also provide a brief overview of the research she is leading in New Zealand and Australia, in collaboration with the regenerative community and other scientists.

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