In this FREE Online Conference, you’ll discover…

  • ​How farmers, who are in the trenches trying new things, are EXPLODING their sales and rapidly going full time with their farming dreams.
  • Deep dives into easy to grow, new, and specialty crops that attract new customers and provide massive opportunities in untapped markets.
  • An honest look at where the regenerative farming movement is headed, giving you a clear picture of what customers are looking for so you can produce what they want and profit in 2020. ​
  • How to hire and train your team to prevent burnout and ease the daily farm stresses.

Your host, Michael Kilpatrick, is a Farmer, Educator, and Thriving Farmer Podcast host helping farmers build profitable sustainable businesses. 

During this Summit, you’ll learn…

  • From Joel Salatin on just what it takes to become a thriving farmer
    From an amazing FarmHer in Las Vegas who is changing how her city thinks about farming and local food 
  • Five signs of farm financial health from a chef turned number cruncher 
  • From a former Navy nuclear engineer who is crushing it with innovative microgreens in the Houston area 
  • From Charlotte Smith on three steps to a profitable farm…I promise they are easier than you think
  • A former electrician who’s using his accidental foray into value-added products to get his foot in the door with the best chefs in Augusta, Maine 
  • From Curtis Stone on the highlights and takeaways of his 2019 twenty-state farm tour 
  • Just what is “farm fusion” and how farmers are profiting from it with Nick Burton
  • William Padilla-Brown shares how to get started with mushroom in your backyard or basement for pennies
  • Ben Falk on 10 strategies he’s using to farm wildlife in northern Vermont 
  • How Corinna Bench increased her customer retention from 65% to 78% in just one year 
  • 25 other speakers on everything from value-added…to hemp to knowing if your business is profitable…increasing profits at CSA and Farmers’ Markets…and So. Much. More!

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  • This is a FREE event. 

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