A one-day course on the principles of soil health, using problem-based learning. Learn what the soil health principles are, where they are gleaned from and how their application improves- and creates soil crumb structure.

Living Roots - Covered Soil - Minimal Disturbance - Diversity

The soil health principles work. From large farms to market gardens, when implemented doggedly they bring real results: better soil structure, healthier crops, and more consistent yields. What's more, the growers that have most rigorously applied these principles have more profitable operations today.


Regenerative Agriculture – The Broader Context 

  • The imperative
  • 4 Ecosystem Processes
Empirical case for good soil management

  • How different strategies affect soil structure
  • Reducing grade-outs and crop failures
  • Minimising moisture stress
Defining soil health

  • How it's articulated and how to measure it
Soil Health Principles 

  • What they are & the processes that underpin them
  • Empirical evidence of their application on market gardens
Evidencing soil health

  • Aggregation, spade tests, visual soil inspection
Aggregation and crumb structure

  • What creates it, and how to maximise
Nutrient Cycling

  • Fostering nitrogen fixation for all crops
One Key Insight

  • Microbes Matter
Soil Health Principles

1 Living Root – for as Long-/as Often as Possible

2 Covered Soil – with Residues or Living Plants

3 Minimise Disturbance/Compaction – Tillage

4 Maximise Diversity – in Rotations/Plantings

5 Feed Soils – with Organic Matter (Between Cropping)

6 Incorporate Animals – Ideally Adaptive Grazed

7 Minimise Use of Chemicals/Synthetics

Best Practice Management Solutions

  • Cultivation systems
  • Cover crops Compost Systems
  • Traits of best practice options
Sign-Posts & Practical Tips
  • Case studies
  • Monitoring & trials
  • What to do this season
Course Schedule:

  • Morning – theory & first principles
  • Lunch – packed lunch
  • Afternoon – site tour, soils testing demo, further learning




  • Printed hand-out
  • PowerPoint Presentations


  • Market gardeners
  • Commercial growers
  • Nursery workers
  • Horticulture managers
  • Apprentices, trainee growers

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