Join us for our annual Demonstration Food Forest Garden tour, this year as a virtual tour! Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have reimagined the tour in a way that you can participate from the comfort of your home.

Register today and receive a zoom link to a live informative talk followed by a virtual tour of a demonstration food forest and a Q&A session with leading local permaculture expert John Valenzuela.

The live talk from John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forest Gardens will cover permaculture and explore how permaculture follows nature as a guide in the garden, our communities and beyond. He will plant ideas on what you can do today to begin your journey into permaculture and bring these concepts into your own garden. John will discuss how to design a tree guild of plants that work together, the elements of a food forest garden, wise sources of water and expanding that vision to create Resilient Neighborhoods.

Together we will watch a guided virtual video tour of one of our demonstration food forest gardens that shows what can be done to create edible, waterwise landscapes that support communities and provide natural habitat. Learn about capturing rainwater, roof water and greywater from doing your weekly laundry to support a garden that works in harmony with nature. The live talk will leave time for a question and answer session at the end.

About the Speaker:

John is a horticulturist, consultant and educator. First introduced to the sustainable design theories and methods of permaculture in 1989, John has studied, practiced and taught permaculture in Hawaii, Washington, Costa Rica and throughout California. His special interests are rare fruit, home gardening, trees, traditional agriculture, plant propagation and ethnobotany.

This talk and the video tour will launch a series of virtual garden tours. We will post virtual tours with many of our demonstration food forest gardens throughout the county. Each garden is a unique experience: some are compact front yards, others are on a slope, some share space with animals and small children, some are allowed to grow without restriction, while others are more manicured. They all are lush, food–producing gardens that are fed by secondary water sources (laundry-to-landscape greywater and rainwater). We hope they will inspire you with ideas for your own garden.

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