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This webinar will help business owners and operators live up to their ideals by covering techniques to ensure your company is doing its best to respect and promote biodiversity.  On this webinar we’ll hear from three experts on how you can identify ways to incorporate biodiversity into your operations, consider biodiversity when planning land use change associated with expanding your business’s footprint, and communicate your company’s biodiversity impact figures to your customers and investors.  This webinar will expose you to concepts and techniques you can use to maximize your company’s environmental benefits.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • How organizations audit and monitor biodiversity
  • Popular techniques to incorporate biodiversity into your business’s operations and marketing
  • Examples of biodiversity improvements done on small and medium farms and/or case studies involving ecosystem-level restoration.
  • Agricultural land management techniques to improve or support biodiversity
  • Biodiversity finance basics and frameworks
  • Ways for SMEs to get involved with biodiversity value chain
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This webinar is organized as part of The Land Accelerator of the World Resources Institute in collaboration with the Conservation Finance Alliance and Commonland.