One day course on preparing to redesign your farm:

  • Create a basic whole farm design for your farm: fences, water, power, access
  • Learn the basics of agroforestry: designing tree layouts to a bespoke brief


  • Learn the principles of whole farm planning
  • Understand criteria for selecting appropriate equipment & infrastructure
  • Minimise capital expenditure by selecting flexible infrastructure
  • Save time and facilitate adaptive pasture management

Course Details

Weekly for 3 sessions

Session 1: Presentations

  • Whole Farm Planning principles
  • Fencing & infrastructure

Session 2: Workshop/Presentations

  • Farm & infrastructure layouts
  • Agroforestry design basics

Session 3: Workshop/Presentations

  • Agroforestry design for your farm
  • Trees: selecting, planting, establishing

Offline Viewing

  • All sessions will be videoed and made available to you offline, for you to watch again or to view if you miss the live session.


Whole Farm Planning Principles

  • Hedge management for function & biodiversity
  • Trees on farm & agroforestry
  • Surface water capture & redistribution
  • Water – infrastructure & layout
  • Fencing – temporary/permanent
  • Access – tracks, gates etc
  • Yards & materials handling
  • Nutrient/manure management – composting, deep bedding etc

Monitoring & data gathering

  • Trials & feedback – exclusion cages, split-field treatments etc

Site Design Full (Creating Bespoke Designs for Your Farm)

  • Designing & design processes – SADIME
  • Maps & Mapping tools: field boundaries, Field Margin, OS, drones etc.
  • Surveying & Mapping existing: features, vegetation, site conditions
  • Microclimates & climate: prevailing winds, seasonal inundation etc.
  • Thinking tools for selecting best-fit options on your farm
  • Turning long lists into short lists
  • Setting goals & objectives
  • Design portfolio presentation

Topography & Landform

  • Contours & mapping principles
  • Reading the landscape

Agroforestry Systems

  • Windbreaks & Windbreak Theory
  • Alleycropping, Riparian Buffers
  • Keyline Agroforestry

Agroforestry Design

  • Planting pattern, orientation, spacings
  • Tree species selection

Tools & Technology

  • Field Margin app –
  • Sectormentor for Soil app –

Niels Corfield Biog

Niels Corfield has been working to deliver truly sustainable food and farming systems for more than 15 years. He is a researcher, adviser, educator, designer and tree nurseryman.

He has 12 years’ experience teaching adults and is formally trained in Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture Design.

On a mission to create regenerative landscapes and farms in the UK and Europe, Niels focuses on agroecological systems that are low maintenance yet productive. His clients include: Southanan Estate, Fir Farm, Fosse Tillery Farm, Devon Wildlife Trust, Anglian Water, High Weald AONB, Catchment Sensitive Farming, Soil Association Scotland.




  • Arable/Mixed Farmers & Horticulture Growers & New Entrants
  • Landowners
  • Farm & estate managers
  • Agronomists, ecologists & advisors

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