Go to the LOGIN/REGISTER button at the top hand part of the site, or click on the JOIN US button on the homepage slider

screenshot of homepage

On the login/registration page, choose the button REGISTER

screenshot registration page

On the Registration page a minimum amountĀ  of fields are red (obligatory), but most are green (voluntary). Later, when you are registered, you can change all aspects of this profile, both in content and in how visible your input is to both members and non-members or the outside world. In the default setting only name and function are visible for everyone and everything else is visible for members only. And, that only members that are associated with organisations (network) or stories are visible and can be found by the outside world (google). They can play consciously with the visibility of their info to a larger audience. We explain how in What can I do with my Profile.

registration form

The field I am interested in shows a set knowledge fields. Just pick one and play with it later. A choice that matches your interests will help you to find relevant information quicker. See for more informationĀ  What are Knowledge Fields and how do they work?

explanation of knowledge fields

After hitting the registration button you will get a thank you page that tells you to go to your mailbox.


Here you have to pay a bit of attention because we see that people often forget about this part. Another reason why registrations go wrong here is that this mail does not arrive in your mailbox but in your spambox. Please check it if you do not receive a mail.

In order to have a proper/full/real account, you must take action on the mail. You have to activate your account. This way we make sure robots and trolls do not enter our platform. Fortunately it is not much work.

So, click on the activation code link in the mail you get. if this code does not show up, paste the code manually.

activation page

Hit the ACTIVATE button and your screen should change into this


And then you can LOG IN. You are back where you started, but now you can choose the left part of the page with your chosen username and password.