Knowledge fields represent the full swing of elements that together make up the 4 returns approach to ecosystem recovery. When making a profile we’d like you to choose at least one as your ‘knowledge field’. This way, other members can easily connect with you on your expertise and you can find content that is right for you in an easier manner.

All content on this platform is curated the same way: the tools in the toolbox, the stories in our stories section and organisations in our network all connect to one or more knowledge fields.

When you look at a tool or story for example, you see which knowledge fields apply to that story or tool.

knowledge fields in stories

When you click on one of the Knowledge Fields you get access to all content on the site tagged with this term. These can be stories, tools and organisations.

knowledge fields page


Attached to your profile you can also find a list of stories, tools and organisations that match your knowledge fields on the MY INTERESTS page.

my interests page

You can edit your Knowledge fields in the BASE tab of your EDIT profile screen. (see the FAQ on your profile for more information on editing your profile)


edit profile

edit knowledge fields

You can add and delete terms to create a mix that fits your needs.