When you are logged in, the right hand side of the top menu shows a button named MY PROFILE. When you click on it you go to your profile.

Your profile has orange tabs and below that subtabs.

In the first tab Profile and its subtabs View, Edit and Change Profile photo, you can change everything that people can see about you. For almost every field you can decide whether it is visible for you alone, for members only or for everyone.

explantion of profile

The second tab, Location, holds your address. This places your profile on the All Profiles global map. If you do not enter an address here, you will not show up on the map.

location tab profile

The 3rd  tab ‘Notifications’ just gives you a list of notifications on all actions that have happened with your profile.

The  4th tab  ‘Messages’ allows you to chat directly with other members on the platform in case you would like to connect. You can start a chat by clicking “+” and filling in the name of another members and go from there. This works much the same way as messaging on Linkedin does.

Tip: Another way to start the messaging process is to find the member on the All members page. Find their profile on the map or in the list, click on it and hit the message button.

The 4th tab ‘Groups’ allows you to create your own groups of members to discuss and share things that are particularly relevant to that group or to join an existing group.

In ‘Settings’ you can update your email and password preferences as well as your profile visibility and personal platform and privacy settings.

And FAQ hopefully answers the Frequently Asked Questions.