Combined Zone


United Designers International

Regenerating the Earth through global solutions and local experts. Bringing the best of strategies to all climates for food security, ecological balance, and long-term solutions for extreme adaptation.


ReNature Foundation

The ReNature Foundation promotes the use of sustainable agricultural practises, called Agroforestry systems.



AlVelAl's main aim is to mobilize the local communities and to convey that the vision of a self-sufficient region, full of life and growth, is achievable when ecological agriculture and livestock techniques that improve the soil’s fertility and absorption of water are applied.


Living Lands

Living Lands facilitates collaborations and knowledge sharing in landscapes of South Africa since 2009. They have developed, tested, refined and applied [...]



Our ambition is inspire as many people as possible to join the global movement and engage in holistic and business-driven [...]


Where tradition and traceable products meet

Nomadic herding husbandry has been the economic backbone of Mongolia for centuries, but is now contributing to severe landscape degradation across the Mongolian plateau due to recent increase in the number of livestock and unsustainable grazing practices.