Land Rehab and Regen Pty Ltd

We provide environmental improvement and assistance services to the horticulture, gardening, agriculture and bush / land regeneration industries in Australia. 


Scaling an agroforestry industry in India

A multi-stakeholder effort is taking place to restore native forests, revitalize local knowledge and connect entrepreneurs to an innovative and scalable agroforestry industry in India.


Conservation International

Empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of humanity


United Designers International

Regenerating the Earth through global solutions and local experts. Bringing the best of strategies to all climates for food security, ecological balance, and long-term solutions for extreme adaptation.


Cuenca Los Ojos

Preserving and restoring the monumental habitat of the Madrean Archipelago and protecting the vast number of species it supports.


Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Europe's mission is to make Europe a wilder place, with more space for wild nature, wildlife and natural processes.


Peace Parks Foundation

The Peace Parks Foundation advocates for the creation of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs) – in Africa, and provides services to [...]