Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, founded in 2005, is Illinois first farmstead creamery.  We are a certified “AWA” goat dairy and make cheese and gelato from our herd of Nubian & La Mancha goats. Our goats rotationally graze pasture and woody browse in a silvopasture system. We offer a number of seasonal agritourism and farm-to-table experiences as well.


The Agritourism Event Planner and Farm Store Manager is a new, management-level position for Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery. He/she will be responsible for developing, coordinating, and executing all agritourism activities on the farm, including seasonal events and weekly farm store offerings. He/she will manage farm store inventory. He/she will manage support staff associated with agritourism and the farm store.  He/she will provide leadership for marketing of all events and evaluate the success (financial, logistical, experiential) of all agritourism activities.




  • One to three years of event planning experience in food & hospitality (agritourism-related experience a plus)
  • Personality and temperament well-suited to interacting with the public
  • Demonstrated creativity
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Fluency in social media marketing and development of marketing campaigns
  • Appreciation for the educational aspects of agritourism
  • Demonstrated ability to work in small teams
  • Demonstrated ability to provide leadership to support staff
  • Demonstrated ability to work with guest chefs and kitchen staff
  • Hard-working and able to multitask




  • Develop seasonal offerings of weekly/monthly farm events including tours, tastings, classes, workshops, seasonally-themed food & goat events (e.g. “Babies & Brunch,” “Happy Hour with the Goats,” “Goat Hikes,” “Goaty Halloween,” “Holidays with the Goats”)
  • Assist with planning, marketing, and managing the farm to table meals series each year
  • Enhance the farm store and weekly farm store offerings to boost on-farm sales
  • Coordinate staffing of farm store based on seasonal needs (1-3 additional staff, depending on season and event type)
  • Coordinate and conduct farm tours and supervise staff conducting farm tours
  • Market and manage new farmhouse for “agroturismo” type farm stays (European model of guests staying at farms and participating/or not in farm activities)
  • Coordinate staffing for special events and farm-to-table meals
  • Ensure that farm store and public areas (e.g., bathroom, area immediately outside farm store, pavilion, etc.) are kept clean and comfortable for the public
  • Manage farm store inventory
  • Order products for farm store as needed
  • Assist with social media promotion of farm store and other agritourism activities (2 to 3 posts/week on FB/IG)
  • Assist in evaluating marketing and profitability of farm store and agritourism events (tastings, seasonal events, farm meals)
  • Explore possibilities for hosting large private events (weddings, life cycle events, local business and university events)


Contributing to Farm Success


This position is critical to bridging the relationship between the farm and the public.  This position is in the front lines of interfacing with the general public and educating the public about Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery and its mission.  This position is critical to ensuring that farm guests have the best possible experiences while visiting the farm, and that visitors respect the farm’s ground rules related to interacting with the goats and the working areas of the farm.  This position is critical to generating additional revenue streams for the farm from agritourism and farm store sales.




This person reports directly to farm owners, Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell. He/she supervises agritourism and farm store support staff and coordinates activities with the farm’s kitchen manager, creamery manager and dairy herd manager. 




Full-time (40 hours per week); Tuesday-Sunday schedule (Mondays and Tuesdays off). Given that winter is challenging for agritourism events, the position runs from February-December (with January off). 




$20-22/hour, depending on experience.


Benefits & Opportunities for Growth


Medical Insurance: As a benefit to our full-time employees, we offer health insurance with the cost split equally (50% employee-50% employer) after a probationary period of 30 days. The employee’s health insurance contribution will be deducted from his/her bi-monthly paycheck.  The employee can select plan from available group plan options during open enrollment in May. 


Other benefits:


  • Employee discount on farm products (15% of retail price)
  • Paid leave: Holidays: New Years’ Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, as long as other staff or owners can cover essential duties if needed. Duration:  Three weeks total, vacation and sick leave. Notice:  Request vacation leave via email to owners one month prior to requested time off. The email should include dates of requested leave, recommendations for staff to cover duties during time of leave, emergency contacts.


Other potential benefits under consideration, contingent on PFFC ability to fund:


  • Retirement plan, 50/50 owner/employee contribution
  • End of year bonus, determined by business overall performance meeting goals; farm owners have high expectations that this person will generate significant revenue from agritourism activities
  • Salary increases determined in January based on employee performance and overall PFFC profitability

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