Reed’s Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and a regenerative farm that uses organic practices located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. We aim to help the local community by creating a hub on site that serves as an animal rescue, a platform for sustainable, organic farming, and as an employer for individuals with special needs. Reed’s Organic Farm also participates in local outreach programs to bring food justice and democracy to the Atlantic City region. We currently have a diverse and talented group of full-time staff and volunteers that maintain and run the farm. 


About the Job


The animal care team lead will be responsible for caring for and overseeing animals at Reed’s Organic Farm and Animal Sanctuary. They are responsible for implementing plans for feeding, watering, grooming, training, rotating, and medicating animals in their care. Not only will the animal care team lead work with animals, but they are also responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of the animal care team we currently have in place.


Duties of an animal care team lead include, but are not limited to assigning workers to daily tasks such as feeding, grooming animals, and cleaning and maintaining their animal headquarters; establishing procedures of animal care, and monitoring animal care being done by our current team. Other tasks of the animal care team lead include identifying problems within the shelter and discussing them with other members of the team, training workers about animal care procedures and safety precautions, planning and budgeting the purchase of animal food and supplies, and preparing reports concerning the shelter, employees, and treatment of the animals. This person will encourage volunteer programs and investigate complaints and revisions to current care methods. They will also oversee and examine sick animals and help the team with the maintenance and repair shelters.


Education and Training Requirements


Animal care team lead must have several years of experience taking care of all kinds of animals. We have an array of animals residing on the property now so a background in farming, ranching, and homesteading is also valued for this position. The current animals on site that you would be responsible for are horses, mini horses, alpacas, mini pigs, ducks, guinea hens, chickens, doves, and a donkey. 


Knowledge and Skills Requirements


An inherent love for animals must be the core value of an animal care team lead. Aside from that, knowledge in management is needed in order to handle the entire animal sanctuary. Other essential skills include leadership, instruction, and speaking skills as well as knowledge in medicine and dentistry will become helpful in order to diagnose injuries and irregularities in animals. An animal care team lead must have physical strength and stamina.


Working Conditions


The animal care team lead will have to clean and maintain animal shelters working alongside our current team. This work is primarily outdoors and in all weather conditions. This person will have to be available around 30 hours a week, both physically and on-call in case of an animal emergency or impending weather conditions. 




Compensation for this position is based on experience and knowledge, wage will be discussed during the interview process. 

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