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at Closter Farm & Livestock Co.


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Closing date: 2020-11-11

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Closter Farm is an brand new, organic farm located in Northern New Jersey.   Using organic, regenerative practices we are growing over 30 different heirloom vegetables and are proud to support small family-owned seed companies that promote biodiversity and resilience in our food chain.

Flavor, nutrition and natural pest resistance are what drive our crop selection. You can see, smell and taste it in our Sun Gold Cherry and Brandywine Tomatoes, Fairytale Graffiti Eggplant, Mini-Love Watermelon, Bianchi di Maggio Bunching Onions, Badger Flame Beets, Astro Arugula, Tokyo Bekana Asian Greens and other vegetables and herbs. And we are always looking for more great varieties to add to our mix. 

We enhance the environmental sustainability of our ecosystem by forgoing heavy usage of large machinery for simple hand tools and honest hard work. We build soil fertility and biology with careful crop rotation, cover cropping and holistic ecosystem management.

This keeps surrounding waterways free of the copious chemicals used in mainstream farming. And our no-till practices leaves soil biology intact, improves water retention while diminishing runoff, and sequesters carbon in the ground where it is available to nourish our crops rather than build up in our atmosphere.  

Our organic chickens roam our pastures protected by their mobile chicken coop with ample space to forage on insects, crop residue, and supplemental organic feed. In so doing they reduce pest and weed pressure on our fruit and vegetable fields, reuse leftover crops and seeds, and recycle them into the productivity of the soil. The result is that our chickens are lower in saturated fat, higher in omega 3 than fast growing commercial breeds and have an incredible flavor. 

The journey of taking a plot of land and turning it into a small farm is arduous and long; but it is made much easier when there is a community of likeminded people with whom to share and enjoy in the weekly bounty. We’ve worked hard until now to get to this point and we hope you’ll join us as we take the next steps as we grow more food for the wonderful community of Closter and beyond.

About the Job

Help us launch our startup farm. We are small but with big dreams. Our website is good but needs some work and optimization – SEO, visual and other. And we need to create beautiful and engaging email templates to keep in touch with our growing list of loyal consumers. Finally, we need someone to help us design signage for our road frontage – we are on a busy road and some great signs can make a big difference.