Are you an energetic, organized leader with good communication skills? Are you passionate about the complex intersection of technology, markets, ecology, agriculture, and commons? Are you interested in working to create a thriving and beautiful world for future generations? Are you a curious and engaged self-starter who’s comfortable facilitating groups, project managing, and coordinating between multiple organizations? Are you passionate about ecological health, regenerative agriculture, regenerative economics, and social transformation? Are you excited about the potential of technology, but understand the need for a deeply ethical approach? If you are all or some of these things, this job may be a dream come true.


Regen Foundation cultivates the growth of regenerative agriculture, holistic land management, and marine stewardship through the development of technological tools, scientific inquiry, and capacity building.


As the nonprofit arm of Regen Network, we are committed to a diverse community of stakeholders to build the tools of regeneration.


Regen Network realigns the agricultural economy with ecological health by creating the global marketplace for planetary stewardship. Using a distributed ledger and modern remote sensing technology, our team is creating new tools for how humanity relates to its environment.


Responsibilities of the Executive Director


  • Establish, maintain, and expand community relationships across diverse domestic and international stakeholders including but not limited to research institutions, civil society agricultural NGOs, foundations, multi-national consortia, and the validators of Regen Ledger.
  • Operate a non-profit in its founding operational year, including policy development, and hiring when necessary.
  • Establish Community Staking DAO(s) (Distributed Autonomous Organization)
  • Oversight of financial and token planning, management, and reporting.
  • Oversee programmatic development including initiating community collaborations, hackathons, and related quadratic funding structures to leverage and catalyze funding streams across the community.
  • Be a cultural ambassador bridging diverse communities and use the position to set norms and facilitate cultural bridges as part of the core identity of the Regen Foundation.


In this role, you will co-lead a movement to regenerate the earth, using technology and governance systems based on ecological principles. You will be building a small agile team to support growing a culture of healthy participation in the governance of a public blockchain dedicated to ecological health accounting and natural capital markets. You will oversee the process of engaging and distributing governance power to indigenous groups, farmers, scientists, and developers to ensure that future markets for ecosystem services are governed by and for the benefit of all stakeholders, especially Earth. You will collaborate with Regen Network Development, Inc., the business launching the Regen Ledger (Regen Network’s public blockchain), as well as the larger community, to establish a peer review process, governance norms, and checks and balances to ensure integrity at all levels of this ecosystem.


Work may include


  • Convening education events
  • Convening peer review processes for scientific methodologies for monitoring and quantification of carbon and other ecosystem services
  • Network weaving of a wider community that will utilize those methodologies to prove ecological states and heal the planet
  • Planning hackathons and other opportunities for engaging with the Regen Network code base and tools
  • Supporting the establishment of Community Staking DAOs
  • Distributing grants and funding for open science and open source development
  • Managing projects that involve coordination with a diverse community of stakeholders including:
    • Taking the lead to plan and execute the second phase of the community staking dao program
    • Planning and executing monitoring and quantification peer review processes for new methodologies on Regen Network
    • Convening and coordinating Regen Network stakeholders to participate in network governance, as well as planning capacity and culture building for healthy public network governance processes.




You are passionate and literate about several or all of the following: regenerative agriculture and land use, carbon and ecosystem service markets, and decentralized technology and blockchain.


  • You are able to manage multiple lines of communication
  • You can explain bitcoin to your grandparents
  • You can understand Proof-of-Stake and explain it to anyone who knows basics about bitcoin and blockchain (including your grandparents)
  • You are able to manage complexity without being overwhelmed and while keeping a great working attitude
  • You are skilled and using Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Threaded Forums, Slack, Markdown, Zoom meetings
  • You can facilitate meetings and organize events
  • You can describe the important of natural climate solutions, regenerative agriculture, and the role of transparency in healthy markets
  • Good written & verbal communication in English
  • Experience working remotely


You’re an ideal candidate if…


  • You’re a self-starter and can work well in a decentralized (literally!) team—we’re spread across 9 time zones
  • You thrive in a complex environment
  • You’re excited about joining a community with a strong culture of self-reflection and capacity building—we take a lot of inspiration from Carol Sanford’s Regenerative Business work
  • You are familiar with Emergent Strategy and other nature-inspired management tools
  • You’re passionate about addressing climate change and other environmental problems; knowledge of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, or ecology is a bonus
  • Bonus points if you understand carbon markets and blockchain technology


We are currently looking for applicants in European or US time zones to allow for good communication and minimize scheduling issues.




Compensation & Position Attributes


  • Full-time remote position, flexible hours
  • Competitive salary for a startup NGO with global reach
  • Paid vacation and sick time
  • Health insurance (if US-based)
  • Time zone: preferred UTC -9 through 0


Opportunities include…


  • Connect to a global network of systems innovators
  • Develop familiarity with ecological design principles
  • Grow leadership and management skills in a supportive and creative community
  • Gain experience in nonprofit management, strategy, operations, partnerships, and marketing
  • Develop new skills based on your interest


Regen Foundation is committed to inclusion and diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

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