Fledging Crow is a 40 acre certified organic vegetable farm in the champlain valley at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. We operate 8 farmers mkts in NYC and 3 locally. We have been in production for 12 seasons and operate 12 months of the year. Our specialty is winter greens, leafy greenhouse production and root crops. Currently we employee a year round staff of 6. On farm housing with shared worker kitchen facilities available.

About the Job

This position for farm & harvest manager is for farmers who have spent more than 2 seasons involved in certified organic or commercial vegetable production. This position is a two fold hourly position starting at $18 an hour. Harvest manager will be running 2 large harvests per week and managing a crew of 6-8 farmers.

Additionally, this individual will operate farm and field machinery, run irrigation, manage the crew in the greenhouses and be expected to be the leader. A strong work ethic is required and this manager will work closely with Ian the owner on a day to day bases to make the plan for the week and season. If you are thinking about running your own operation one day this is a invaluable experience. We are looking to start this position ASAP in 2020, and will run through December 2021. On farm apartment included in hiring.

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