Congaree and Penn is a Florida farm dedicated to agriculture & culinary endeavors, and gathering the community to enjoy both. Located on the Northside of Jacksonville, Florida on 330 acres situated along the Little Trout River, we focus primarily on Mayhaw production, and produce additional specialty fruit crops such as, Fig, Persimmon, Blackberry, Muscadine and Olive. We also plant rice and sunflowers, and will be developing an intensive organic garden to support our onsite restaurant in the next 12 months. Congaree and Penn is seeking a farm manager with a focus on both farm aesthetics and sustainability. 

The Farm Manager will be responsible for all aspects of management over Congaree and Penn’s 330 acres. The Farm Manager is responsible for the scheduling, hiring and firing all farm workers. The overall aesthetic of the farm is paramount, as our operation is open to the public over 250 days per year. As such it is important for the farm manager to be organized and always thinking ahead. Advantage must be taken when weather conditions are right, as they rarely are. This coordination requires forethought and balance as to the prioritization of existing tasks and goals , which must be shuffled on an ongoing basis with regards to what mother nature hands you. 

Beyond aesthetics, it is the responsibility of the farm manager to maintain all existing permanent plantings through schedules provided, while always aiming to improve on past operations toward improved soil health, plant health and environmental sustainability. It is the responsibility of the Farm Manager to aid in the planning and execution of major farm projects such as irrigation, earthworks, and expanded plantings of both orchard and annual crops. 

On top of our list for short term project goals at Congaree and Penn is the establishment of an intensive organic garden for use by our culinary team, as well as for agritourism purposes, whether for U-Pick or simply education. We also have an interest in expanded field grown flower acreage of both wild flowers and black oil sunflowers. The Farm manager is responsible for any increased use of animals on our farm to aid in crop production, while also offering any assistance with our current chicken, duck and goat family. 

Finally, the Farm manager will be responsible for trying new things, and pushing Congaree and Penn towards more sustainable and organic production methods over time. The owners are very open and supportive of investing in the most sustainable practices needed to improve soil health and the health of the environment. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send cover letter and resume’s along with references to 

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