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I’m a 38yo sheep and grain farmer from a town called Williams, 200kms SE from Perth, WA.  My family and I grew up in Perth with Dad being a building contractor although he and his brother-in-law run a 2500ac farm in York (100km east of Perth) on the weekends for about 12yrs.

They sold up about 1988 and my uncle bought a farm in Broomehill (3.5hrs SE of Perth).  Dad kept on building but always wanted to get into farming again, so he and mum bought 4000ac in Williams in 1998.

I finished school in 1999 and the following year I started helping Dad down the farm.  We had arranged a lease until 2001 and the next year we had bought almost 2000 breeding ewes.  In 2004 we were running the whole place ourselves doing our own cropping.  The cropping was more of a learning than the sheep which is what I’m more passionate about.  We built up to a mating flock of about 3500 breeding ewes.

About a 60/40 split of merino/Xb.  Our crop program is about 600ha.

This program ran until 2015/16.  In August 2015 I suffered a Spinal Cord Injury to C2/3 vertebra.  I spent 14 weeks in hospital trying to recover the ability to walk which I can do but very slowly and with significant pain.  I tried to farm in 2016 but really struggled with my lack of strength and movement.  At the end of harvest we decided to lease the farm out for 3yrs.  This year we took the sheep back on and still leased about 600ha to ease the load.

So that’s where our farm is at for time being.  If you are very capable, hands-on and able to take orders and work alone we are looking for someone who enjoys what they do and is passionate about the land, please enquire.


We are looking to employ someone with the following traits:

  • Honest, hardworking, trustworthy, responsible, fit and healthy, non-smoker.
  • Good communication
  • Experience in animal husbandry
  • Experience with machinery
  • Good with general farm maintenance- fencing, repairs, cleaning up paddocks
  • Handyman skills would be desirable


Regenerative Agriculture 

When I leased the farm out to family friends in 2017, my mate had started to investigate cover cropping with an agronomist he’d come across.  I was taken immediately when he started explaining cover cropping and growing different plant species to stimulate what’s below the surface.

With this I went to a RegenAg WA day in Newdegate and listened to Rick Bieber.  Then I started listening to Gabe Brown and on and on.

So for the three years of lease and now it’s fourth year in a row, none of our crops has had any seed dressing or fungicide in crop.

And about 3 weeks after lamb marking this year I joined mobs up and started moving them around every few days. I have a plan of how better to fence paddocks into smaller areas using natural barriers in the landscape.

As instigated by my friend who has been leasing our farm we are using more biological fertiliser sprays and humates on granular fertiliser.

I’m also going to lamb later to mimic a more natural time for rearing a ruminant.

Another thing I would like to start doing next is plant saltbush in areas that need rejuvenating with something deep rooted and perennial.

This is where I’m at roughly and need help on the physical side to implement the things I believe will improve the land and hence the produce we harvest from it.


Basic info

  • We are seeking an experienced senior farmhand for a mixed farming operation with sheep and cropping enterprises
  • Successful applicant to assist in implementing regenerative farming practices including rotational grazing plan
  • Approximate start time mid-January 2021


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Contact us

Phone: 0428851186


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