Fruitstitute is the only fruit tree service in Los Angeles. We’re a small group of dedicated, trained fruit tree nerds who believe Los Angeles has the potential to blossom into a fruit paradise. We are passionate about creating a more resilient urban ecology in the backyards of all Angelenos.

Good fruit is the gateway to understanding that trees are a keystone species for human survival. Trees give to us endlessly. All we need to do is to help them reach their potential.

Fruitstitute is a Fruit Tree Care and Education Service on the forefront of cultural change. Grafting the practices of arboriculture and orcharding, we have pioneered a new industry for the backyard landscape. Fruitstiute is the only Los Angeles company to cross pollinate this knowledge. We prune trees, plant trees and cultivate healthy soil, providing our clients with nutritious, home-grown fruit. 

Education is a core component of what we do. We share our specialized knowledge through consultations, workshops and seasonal fruit tree care. If you give your fruit trees a little, they’ll give you back a lot. The proof is in the fruit.

About the Job

We are looking for a spirited, hard working person that enjoys physical labor, getting dirty and working with an eccentric team of rare fruits. Type-A’s, double Virgos, LGBTQ and POC to the front.

Fruit Tree Specialist:

Will receive training in the art of backyard orcharding and arboriculture, regenerative land management practices.  Go out on jobs with field team to service client’s fruit trees, haul bags of mulch, compost and other heavy items, and light ladder work.

*This job is very physical. Must be able to do heavy lifting. 


Field Work Coordinator:

Job supplies coordination 


Maintain all job tools and tool inventory. This includes:

  • Doing a monthly inventory of all tools 
  • Monthly maintenance on frequently used tools (cleaning, sharpening, repairing)
  • Purchasing and keeping garage stocked at all times with tools and job supplies
  • Replacing broken tools in a timely manner 
  • Managing spreadsheet of monthly tool expenses
  • Keeping garage clean & organized 
  • Train & manage team in tool organization and garage protocol 

Job Supplies:

  • Sourcing, procuring and stocking job supplies. 
  • Delivering mulch orders to clients 

Nursery Care (stock, inventory & fulfillment)

  • Keeping Fruitstitute nursery stock inventory up to date 
  • Tending Fruitstitute nursery stock
  • Sourcing and procuring trees for jobs

Truck Management

  • Ensuring truck is job-ready weekly
  • Clean, fully gassed, fully functional, stocked with supplies
  • Taking truck to mechanic on as needed basis and for general maintenance

Worksite Coordination 

  • Coordinate and fulfill stock of raw mulch
  • Keep mulch bags stocked
  • Tend landscape in Fruitstitute workspace 
  • Organize tasks, schedule and manage others working on hilltop 
  • Help with property maintenance and assist on builds as needed

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Contact us

Phone: +1 323-707-4598


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