Fledging Crow is a 40 acre certified organic vegetable farm in the champlain valley at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. We operate 8 farmers mkts in NYC and 3 locally. We have been in production for 12 seasons and operate 12 months of the year. Our specialty is winter greens, leafy greenhouse production and root crops. Currently we employee a year round staff of 6. On farm housing with shared worker kitchen facilities available.

About the Job

This position involves the care of 15 acres of field production and 2 acres of greenhouse crop production. We operate 4 water reel guns here and 6 gas powered pumps. Hours of this position are often different than farm crew workers. Must be willing to work alone and with others. Must be able to lift heavy things and must have strong physical capabilities. This is the most important job on the farm and extensive training will be part of this role. This is the highest paid position at the farm.

Additionally, this position will require the operation of farm machinery, and field work will be frequent. If you want to “farm”, this is the job for you. You will be working closely with Ian the owner to learn the skills necessary for this spot. Training and job opportunity will start in March 2021, but can start in the late fall winter 2020. On farm apartment included in this position.

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Phone: +1 518-834-5012


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