Junior Content Manager and Writer.

at Regen Farming News


Part Time


Closing date: 2020-05-31

This is a rare opportunity for an up-and-coming writer and content manager to be the voice of an emerging online platform with a vital mission.  

  • Contribute to growing the regenerative agriculture movement. 
  • Work from anywhere in Australia.
  • Flexi-time and self-directed, perfect for a final year uni student.

The Content Manager and Editor will be responsible for day-to-day oversight of all News content on the Regen Farming News website, with the direction and support of the founding team. The role focuses on curating global news, writing short summaries of articles and coordinating with our team of freelance writers to upload content into our system for publishing.

This is a part-time position of roughly 2hrs per day 5 days per week. It would strongly suit a graduate or student who is studying journalism or communications and is passionate about regenerative agriculture.

Our primary audience is commercial scale farm owners, managers and staff from all types of production systems, who are open-minded and searching for a new way to manage the land. The key agricultural themes we cover are soil health, carbon farming, landscape health / biodiversity, water, innovation and nutrient density in food. The platform is initially focused on building an audience in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe. Though we have a growing following in India and parts of Africa. 

Crucially, the platform seeks to reach out and engage a wider audience beyond the early adopters of the Regenerative Agriculture movement (and all the related labels and buzzwords). We are very aware that the term ‘regenerative agriculture’ can alienate a portion of the farming community and that there are plenty of hot topics that lead to counter-productive debates (eg. meat eaters v’s vegans). While sticking true to our core values, this role is about walking the tight-rope to ensure our platform is open, inclusive and upbeat. Our tone of voice will need to focus on the positive outcomes (healthy soil, rehydration, profits, resilience etc) that can be achieved by adopting regenerative agriculture practices. 

Specifically the role will involve: 

  • Screening relevant News Articles provided by our team (via Slack channel) for quality and relevance to our audience.
  • Writing a very short summary of the key points found in the article, word-counts are kept low because our audience is predominantly on mobile devices.
  • Uploading these News articles into our back-end content management system, provide a catchy headline and tagline, tag to appropriate categories and schedule for publishing. 
  • It will also involve proof reading, categorising and scheduling other contributed content in collaboration with other team members.
  • Essentially you will be the key person responsible for the day-to-day publishing flow of News articles.
  • We ideally upload a minimum of 10 articles per week, spread throughout the week.
  • It will be an advantage if you are able to login most days for short 1-2hr work stints (again, very suited to uni students).
  • With time this role could extend to also writing original articles, managing social media, curating other content or any number of emerging opportunities within our growing business. 

Who we are seeking:  

If you believe you have the creativity, determination, passion and smarts to make our platform thrive, then we would love to hear from you.  

 Character traits:

  • Grounded and down to earth, able to ‘talk-farmer’ language and communicate in a way that will be as open and inclusive as possible.
  • Completing tasks and hitting deadlines is your thing
  • Active, decisive and determined
  • Deeply passionate and committed to doing their part for global ecosystem regeneration.
  • Self-directed and able to operate without direct management.
  • Never miss a spelling or grammar mistake
  • Not precious about hierarchy, protocol, procedures or rule books
  • Love to work in a fast paced, self directed environment

 Skills and experience:  

  • A sound grasp of Regenerative Agriculture and the broader landscape restoration movement globally is a distinct advantage. A passion for it is essential.
  • Able to understand the nuance of various agriculture systems and be able to identify what is or is-not appropriate for a farming audience (support provided). 
  • Qualifications (or in final years of study) in journalism, communications or related discipline is favourable.
  • Experience in writing blog posts or short-form content an advantage.
  • A sound grasp of technology (ummm… we are a tech platform after all!)
  • Bonus: any basic graphic design or media skills to help create great content

  • If you cringed a little at the grammar in this job description and felt an unbearable urge to rewrite it… lets talk!

 What we are offering: 

This is an entry level position for someone keen to get started in the industry and contribute to a purpose driven enterprise. This is the chance to join an exciting early stage startup with a friendly and open minded team. We don’t accept the start-up culture that leads to burn-out, we place the wellbeing of ourselves and our families first. We have a flexible and self-directed work culture where we are held accountable for achieving outcomes, not logging hours in timesheets. There is strong potential for this role to grow into something bigger over time.   

We anticipate this role requiring 10-15hrs per week, spread throughout the week. Hourly rate will be negotiated based on experience.

How to apply: 

Please forward your CV (or Linkedin) and a short cover letter explaining briefly: why you are applying for this position, what topics interest you personally, how you will structure this role (timetable etc) and anything else you think is relevant.