Partnership and Activation Coordinator

at Kiss the Ground


Full Time

United States

Closing date: 2020-09-25

Kiss the Ground is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspires participation through media, communications, courses, workshops, immersive programming, and advocacy. We currently have nine full-time employees, and work with several part-time contractors. Please visit our website – – for more information about our programs. 

About the position

This is an active, people-person position. It is about building relationships and maintaining them. This position is for a self-starter and a person who is passionate about our mission and Regenerative Agriculture. The person applying for this position should be engaging and dynamic. This position requires travel to trade shows (when safety allows).

Requirements and qualifications

  • 5 years of professional work experience, preferably in a field connected to regenerative agriculture
  • Fundraising Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree required

Relevant work experience

  • Recruiting, creating, and cultivating professional partnerships
  • Outreach, communications, and networking
  • Fundraising and securing brand sponsorships
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Role and ResponsibilitiesFundraising
  • Manage brand giving program and corporate sponsorships working with the Development Director.  
  • Identify potential brand partners, cultivate relationships, secure donations, and send acknowledgments
  • Responsible for all communications and materials related to this program (emails, website, promotional materials including decks and one-sheets)
  • Negotiate contracts and partnership agreements
  • Manage membership / monthly giving program
  • Responsible for all communications and materials related to this program (emails, website, and social media campaigns, regenerative round table monthly chat)
  • Responsible for booking the speakers for the Regenerative round table monthly
  • Liaison between the leadership team and communication department, and new and existing partnerships
  • Track and report the results of brand partnerships, monthly memberships, and other relevant collaborations (including co-created and/or co-branded content promotions, fundraising leads, and events.  
  • Manage gift and acknowledgements for brand partnerships, membership, and major donors

Stewardship program

  • Manage the Find Your Path (FYP) tool
  • Identify and recruit partners to include in FYP
  • Build and cultivate FYP partner relationships
  • Responsible for all FYP communications, including regular engagement with individual partners
  • Help partners develop / refine FYP offering and landing page
  • acquire profiles and other relevant copy (website, materials, emails, etc.) with help from interns
  • Work in intern to make sure all links work on a quarterly basis. 
  • Add new partners on a quarterly basis.

Communications/social media

  • Podcast (This brings credibility and heightened awareness on Social Media to the organizations by showcasing us working with partners, authorities, educators, and influencers) (This also helps to build the relationships with the partners as you will be recruiting a lot of them for the podcast.)
  • Onboarding guests 
  • Correspondence w/ guests & team for planning Co-host (potentially)
  • Follow-up with Thank you’s and sharing the social media
  • Sending zoom links to media to finish, and aiding to post to podcast sites
  • Documentary liaison support: support for KTG screenings for special groups
  • Managing the Q & A portion of a virtual or live impact screenings with Roco (getting the influencers to participate with the ED.)
  • Follow up with all parties, thanks and check in’s


  • Non-Profit/NGO inquiries sharing what assets and resources we have available, nurturing the relationship and seeing what opportunities exist.  
  • Cross promoting content with the NGO
  • Delegate to the proper KTG team person
  • Manage interns to help with the work of this position.
  • Other work as assigned.