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Soil Navigator (EU)


Large-scale woodland restoration on a volcanic subarctic island

Sustain: The Australian Food Network

University of Western Australia – Centre for Social Impact


Regional regeneration of Western Australia

Restoring the landscape by building a movement

A new Dutch polder landscape

Opportunities for positive change through grazing management in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan

Nature^Squared: Connecting Ecology & Economics

CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation

The Nature Conservancy India

The IKEA Foundation

Presencing Institute

Land Life Company

Rewilding Europe

ReNature Foundation

United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC)

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

SAI Platform

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Peace Parks Foundation

4 Returns Monitoring

Landscape Finance Lab

UN Environment

IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management

Convention on Biological Diversity

Society for Ecological Restoration

World Resources Institute

EcoAgriculture Partners



Wide Open Agriculture


Living Lands

Nova School of Business & Economics

Spanish National Research Council

United Nations University Land Restoration Training Programme

Partnerships Resource Centre

Rotterdam School of Management, Business & Society Management (RSM-BSM)


Where tradition and traceable products meet

Maps Altiplano Estepario in Spain

Collaborative landscape restoration after mining operation in Ghana

Aaron Minnick

Alexandra Tsiadi

Andreea Nanu

Ashley M Studholme

Bela Jankovich

Berglind Orradóttir

Jeffrey North

Cristobal Sierra


Danielle de Nie


Dietmar Roth

Dyon Temming

Eline van de Veen

Elvira Marin


Erica ten Broeke

Eva Rood

Immo Fiebrig

Franz Fraitzl


Gijs Boers

Rianne C ten Veen

Heitor Campos de Sousa

Hugo Stekelenburg

Jan Meertens

Johan van Putten

Joris de Vente

Katrín Björnsdóttir

Kristel Bottinga

Marco de Redelijkheid

mahmoud khalaf

Marc Dekens

Matthijs Boeschoten

Marielle Horst-Gussenhoven

Mira Haddad

Manuel Montijano


Nicholas Berry

Opaline Lysiak

Patrick Rutten, CEFA

Pieter Ploeg

Roos van der Deijl


Stuart McAlpine

Tamas Turcsan

Tea by Me

Tessa Snaterse

Wim van Zomeren

Wim van der Zwan

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  • Sustain: The Australian Food Network

    Sustain works for the transition to a food system that supports flourishing communities, individuals and ecosystems. 

  • University of Western Australia – Centre for Social Impact

    We believe everyone has a role to play in creating social change. Our purpose is to catalyse positive social change, to help enable others to achieve social impact.

  • RegenWA

    RegenWA is a network of committed West Australian farmers and industry stakeholders who are identifying, implementing and sharing innovative and sustainable land management practices that other farmers can learn from and adopt.

  • Nature^Squared: Connecting Ecology & Economics

    Together with farmers, companies, governments, universities, and NGOs, Nature^Squared works on a better planet for mankind and nature.

  • CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation

    The CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation promotes sustainable development of mountain regions in Central Asia and makes a significant contribution to […]

  • The Nature Conservancy India

    The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. The Nature […]

  • The IKEA Foundation

    The IKEA Foundation believes that all children deserve to look forward to a bright future full of opportunities. But for […]

  • Presencing Institute

    The Presencing Institute is an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change.

  • Land Life Company

    Land Life Company’s mission is to restore the world’s 2 billion hectares of degraded land. They develop land restoration technologies […]