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Ashley M Studholme



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I’m a researcher, educator, land steward, environmental justice advocate and mediator aiming to generate knowledge and build strategies to create equitable, sustainable and resilient socio-ecological systems.


Trained in ecology and wildlife biology, I have a strong foundation in natural sciences. However, from my experiences in several ecological and cultural contexts – especially those from Peace Corps and my master’s research – I have learned that the environmental issues we face require a multi-disciplinary and cross-culture approach. My goal is to develop projects that foster democratic collaboration, build trust, and strengthen relationships between people and the land.


Previous managers have said that they appreciate my project organization, which tracks the details while ensuring that activities align with core objectives. I’m energized by both big-picture thinking as well as developing actions plans for daily progress.


People I have managed say they enjoy how I provide support and structure to their work while also encouraging their creative ownership of accomplishing individual tasks.


Specialties: sustainability, citizen science, Integrated Watershed Management, collaborative learning, systems thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis, conflict mediation and resolution, climate change, socio-ecological systems, environmental and epistemic justice, civic and urban ecology, permacultural design, cross-cultural communication.


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