With a multi-disciplinary and inter-continental team for large projects and individual local-knowledge and expertise for localized design and implementation, United Designers International uses a comprehensive design process, incorporating each ecological and structural element. It prioritizes the essential stages of phased implementation, client preferences, and provisions. Our designs encompass long-term resilience for social, economic, and environmental resources.

Practice areas:

  • (Largescale) Ecosystem Restoration
  • Community-Based Watershed Restoration
  • GIS Resource Assessment and Planning
  • Homestead Design and
  • Agroforestry Systems.


We can restore abundance for a resilient community to be  self-reliant, creative, inventive, and  sustained.




Website: https://www.uniteddesigners.org/

Email: northamerica@uniteddesigners.org

Address: 17766 Langford Blvd, Prior Lake, MN 55372, Verenigde Staten


  • Weruschca Kirkegaard

    Ecological Design & Project Management

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  • Daniel Halsey

    Lead Designer/Founder

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Our Stories

  • Scaling an agroforestry industry in India

    A multi-stakeholder effort is taking place to restore native forests, revitalize local knowledge and connect entrepreneurs to an innovative and scalable agroforestry industry in India.