Our purpose is to promote collective strength, to achieve optimum economic rewards from Noongar land-based enterprises, to benefit Noongar people.


Our vision is to be the leading Aboriginal organisation, that develops commercially viable Noongar land-based businesses.

Noongar people have formed the NLE and we are driving the process to capitalise on its collective power through information exchange, representation and business development pathways. By creating and successfully managing business enterprises, we will provide employment opportunities for Aboriginal people, and funds to re-invest in the Noongar estate. Economic opportunities on Noongar land have been identified alongside the clear benefits in terms of social and cultural growth. Key aspirations we have identified include providing respite and healing on country, and, cultural rejuvenation and connection for Aboriginal people. Opportunities like NLE facilitated training will further enhance the capabilities for Noongar people. A successful NLE will attract more Noongar landholder members and provide a framework and support for these landholders to produce socioeconomic benefits for our people.


We are a land based collective, we strategically collaborate and we are commercially focused.

We aspire to:

  • Create pathways for investment.
  • Be a strong voice for policy change.
  • Focus on achievable actions and programs.
  • Ensure individual enterprises are fully responsible entities.


Our values include:

  • Practicing HONESTY, in good times and bad.
  • Demonstrating RESPECT to Boodjar (country), self, team and others.
  • Being DEPENDABLE, when expected to be there, be there.
  • Demonstrating COMMITMENT, as individual businesses and a cooperative.
  • Doing everything with a shared INTEGRITY.
  • Maintaining and growing Noongar CULTURE as part of our business.
  • Searching for, and embracing INNOVATION.
  • Having COURAGE to lead, stay focussed and committed to success.

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Noongar Land Enterpise Group

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