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Wide Open Agriculture strives to empower communities, regenerate ecosystems and inspire others

The world’s first ‘4 returns’ publicly listed company on Stock Exchanges

Wide Open Agriculture (WOA) is a regenerative food and agriculture company based in western Australia.

WOA is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is the world’s first ‘4 returns’ publicly listed company.

WOA’s vision is to be an inspiring 4 returns investment with a farmland portfolio and a globally-trusted food brand. The business is comprised of three business streams, Land for Reasons, Corporate and Business Development and Food for Reasons.

Rebuilding the landscape by building a movement

Knowledge fields

What they do

WOA’s 4 returns business approach is vertically integrated in the agricultural market value chain. The company was established in 2015 and comprises the following three business streams that work together to enable an ecologically, socially and economically sound production, processing and marketing of food and other products until it reaches the consumer:

1 – Business development to explore diversification opportunities

WOA recently launched a R&D programme to grow industrial hemp (less than <1% THC) in the open field and under a protected cropping system. Industrial hemp yields a high-protein seed containing omega-3 which can be used in food, non- dairy milk and oil production. Fibre may also be extracted for textiles and building products.

“Not only is industrial hemp an exciting crop with great potential for production in the Wheatbelt, it has the capacity to play a role in improving soil health.”

Ben Cole, Managing Director WOA

For two years, they trialled multi-crop production of  vegetables in a shade house that were packaged and sold under the Food for Reasons subsidiary company.

2 – Connecting regenerative producers with thoughtful consumers

Food for Reasons (FFR) is Wide Open Agriculture’s food brand. FFR is developing authentic food products with key ingredients sourced from western Australian regenerative farmers. With a focus on the healthy snacking and fresh categories, FFR seeks to shorten the value chain between WA farmers and consumers. Products are focused on simplicity, minimal processing, natural ingredients and nutritional balance.

3 – Land secured for 4 returns

Land for Reasons facilitates long-term relationships in alignment with the 4 returns between those who own, invest in and manage farmland.

How to get in touch?

5 Brooking Street
Williams Western Australia 6391

The 4 returns

From a 4 returns holistic perspective, what could be potential outcomes at a landscape level in 20 years?


Return of Inspiration

50% decrease in young people (18 – 35 yr olds) that leave the wheatbelt.

Social Capital

Return of Social Capital

200 new families attracted to reside in the wheatbelt.

Natural Capital

Return of Natural Capital

100,000 ha of farmland under holistic farm regeneration (direct/indirect control).

Financial Capital

Return of Financial Capital

strong and sustainable annualised returns

How they inspire & collaborate

Being a publicly listed company means that WOA provides market updates to the Australian Stock Exchange which is then released to the general public and in particular its investors.  WOA also aims to tailor messaging of regenerative agricultural standards and consumer choices through its various business streams.

Ecological approach in a nutshell

Regenerative farmers across the wheatbelt are employing a range of practices and techniques to restore and improve agricultural land. WOA aims to work with these farmers who are on various stages of their journey toward or in regenerative agriculture.

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