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    4 Returns

    Our purpose is to stimulate and support the set-up of big landscape restoration efforts, including business cases, that contribute to 4 returns - instead of 1 - on a long-term 20 year horizon. The four returns are: Return of inspiration, Social Capital, Natural Capital which, in turn, delivers a sustainable Financial Return. A long-term approach is important as it takes approximately 20 years – or one generation – to restore a landscape. Read more about the 4 returns here.

    Tell the reader, preferably in one sentence what your project aims to deliver on each of the 4 returns:

    Return of Inspiration

    Return of Social Capital

    Return of Natural Capital

    Return of Financial Capital

    3 Zones

    To achieve these returns, the landscape you are operating in can generally be organized in three zones: a natural zone, a combined zone and an economic zone. To identify the 3 zones in your landscape, considering the following questions:

    • Is there a natural, combined and economic zone that you can identify? For example, where do your different land-related activities take place? This can range from conservation/protection, restoration, regeneration, or more infrastructural activities.
    • In case of business activities; where is your product or service directly grown/produced/shared/created? Where does the manufacturing/selling take place?
    • Are there indirect benefits that can be expected from your initiative? (e.g. improved soil health, regeneration/protection of natural areas, eco-tourism/recreational activities, waste streams that are repurposed such as grass cuttings for compost).

    Natural Zone

    Combined Zone

    Economic Zone

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