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OatUP is the world’s first carbon-neutral plant-based milk, made from oats by farmers who are caring for Western Australia

Wide Open Agriculture have announced the launch of OatUp: a regenerative plant-based milk. OatUp is the first oat milk to use Western Australian oats grown by farmers committed to healing the landscape through regenerative farming practices. Consumers will be able to purchase OatUp through Dirty Clean Food: an online platform that connects consumers directly to farmers producing nutritious and regenerative food. According to WOA managing director, Ben Cole, “OatUp will offer a new pathway for WA’s regenerative oat growers to reach conscious food consumers in Australia and Asia”.

OatUp is also certified as carbon “neutral” making OatUp the world’s first “carbon neutral certified” plant-based milk. The certification took place in collaboration with Climate Active, the Australian government backed initiative for climate action. This was achieved through an audit of OatUp’s production combined with WOA’s plan to actively calculate greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce these emissions via technology and increased operational efficiencies, while offsetting any remaining emissions via carbon credits.

The launch of OatUp and work of Wide Open Agriculture demonstrates that sustainable businesses and consumer choices are playing a vital role in the restoration of Western Australia. “We are proud and excited that OatUP will be the first carbon neutral certified oat milk to launch on the Australian market. The certification empowers conscious consumers to choose OatUP and to know their purchase is not contributing to accelerating climate change. We look forward to working more closely with Climate Active in their mission to take action on climate change and protect Australia’s biodiversity,” Ben Cole said.

Looking for more information? Read the full announcements:

Plant-based milk product “OatUp” ready for initial launch

OatUp achieve “carbon neutral” status with zero net emissions

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OatUp is the world's first regeneratively produced and "carbon neutral" plant-based milk

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