Conservation Evidence is a free, authoritative information resource designed to support decisions about how to maintain and restore global biodiversity.

In this tool from the University of Cambridge you will find evidence summaries from the scientific literature (studies) about the effects of conservation actions such as methods of habitat or species management. The scientific team achieves this by producing synopses of evidence that review the effectiveness of all actions you could implement to conserve a given species group or habitat or to tackle a particular conservation issue. Expert panels are then asked to assess the effectiveness (or not) of actions, based on the summarized evidence (for more details see What Works in Conservation). New evidence is also published in the online Conservation Evidence Journal.

The idea is to give conservationists easy access to the latest and most relevant knowledge to support conservation policy or management decisions.

Simply search for your species, habitat or issue of interest. The site will present you with a list of possible actions you could take, along with a plain English summary of the available evidence for whether each one is effective (or not). It will also provide expert assessment of the effectiveness, based on the summarized evidence (see What Works in Conservation).

The tool does not make recommendations. This is because it is difficult to give evidence-based conservation advice that is appropriate for every context. Instead, it provides evidence and an assessment of that evidence, which should be interpreted by conservationists who understand their own site and national or regional situation.

For more information, visit the tool.

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash.

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