This guidebook ‘Mapping Social Landscapes: A Guide to Identifying the Networks, Priorities, and Values of Restoration Actors’ by the World Resource Center (WRI) takes a new approach to environmental governance by focusing on identifying the social capital of actors within the landscapes. It centers on two main approaches:

  1. mapping actors’ resource flows
  2. mapping actors’ priorities and values

Co-written by WRI international offices, this methodology has been tested in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and Rwanda. The guidebook focuses primarily on restoration, but the same methodologies can be adapted to broader analysis of natural resource governance. By using this guidebook, environmental practitioners can be more efficient with resources, collaboration, and outreach, and better anticipate potential conflicts and bottlenecks.

Photo: Voor de Oogst van Morgen


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One reply on "Mapping the social landscapes of regenerative actors"

  1. I would be really interested in hearing from people that have worked with this approach.

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